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how many people lie instead of talking tall?

Something happened on the day he died. Spirit rose a meter, and then stepped aside…Shedding tears throughout his exhibit at the AGO. Shedding smiles, and skin throughout the years listening to his music. His words. It is a rarity to live during a time of such creative force, outpouring. Conjuring.  I feel like one of… Continue reading how many people lie instead of talking tall?

Inspiration/Musings · Summer of Glass


For the past several months I have been collecting imagery for my course at the Pilchuck Glass School. The instructor, Kari Russell-Pool suggested we start keeping a ‘clip art’ file. Everything that intrigues us creating a record of the way we see the world. Then I came upon Morphologic. ‘The Lynx Nudibranch’ Phidiana lynceus (Lynx… Continue reading morphologic