Aulacantha scolymantha: Chroniques du plancton

Reconfiguring and building an Algal Bloom wall installation The additional forms will be comprised of Aulacantha scolymantha (my version of). Image link from Plankton Chronicles   photo, Noé et Christian Sardet An amazing, informative website, episodes- go there NOW.  Andrei purchased the book for me last weekend at Type, and I didn’t make the connection between the book and… Continue reading Aulacantha scolymantha: Chroniques du plancton

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Þorrablót celebrations are coming up in Toronto! The ICCT hosts a fun event. I will be working it this year, too! To start the celebrations and Spring cleaning I’m having a Spring cleaning SALE with coupon code: ICELAND2015 25% off everything in my Etsy shop. I’ve recently returned from Brooklyn and almost a month away there-… Continue reading Þorrablót

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Iceland AiR support

So, I am in Brooklyn. I totally forgot about these antlers I purchased back in … December/November? And had shipped to Clare’s. Anyways, here they are! They’re really nice! Old. Two points are missing, but nice just the same. My plan was/is to use them in photo shoots and make moulds off of the antlers,… Continue reading Iceland AiR support

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Saturday brunch [on Monday]: Glass Pancakes pt 2

I don’t know what it is exactly about Dark Matter (& the Dark Universe) but, it gets me super excited!! Part 1 of my, short tales travelling through six States (US States), mentioned my enthusiasm concerning the Morrison Planetarium’s screening of the Dark Universe, narrated by Neil de-badass-Tyson. I thought I would share more on… Continue reading Saturday brunch [on Monday]: Glass Pancakes pt 2

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Considering Escapism

Escapism is freedom if claimed by a subject- it can not be consumed. Occam’s Razor install is next week! I’m just a little excited to see some of this older work go up on a wall, a small section of my Algal Bloom. Similar pieces made up the cell forms of Wonderlandish and they (the… Continue reading Considering Escapism

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Bullseye murrine

Last night I made my first successful vitrigraph murrine pull! Thanks to my beautiful assistant 😉 I was able to pull fifty cane all with various coloured concentric circles. AND there’s still more glass in the pot ready to be pulled!! Over the next weeks I intend to go nuts experimenting with different colour combos,… Continue reading Bullseye murrine


Algal Bloom

In between casting (glass) and glass painting experimentation (reusche) I’ve been revisiting fused glass powder formations, and building up various sizes. My plan is to experiment with turning these now flat forms (some are slumped) into 3 dimensional hollow forms that, will eventually fill a room. I imagine them hanging from the ceiling and standing… Continue reading Algal Bloom

Project Grant 2013

Yay & Fail!

In anticipation of receiving my kiln collar (to add height to my AF138) I’ve begun the necessary studio preparations for Vitrigraph to commence! *images taken with my not-so-smart phone Next I had to cut the vermiculite board to the proper dimensions… the vermiculite board acts as the base of the kiln set-up. Last night I… Continue reading Yay & Fail!

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Iacta alea est

Several months back I applied for a project grant through the Glass Art Association of Canada. On this rainy afternoon of May 10th, I received incredibly wonderful news: I am the recipient of GAAC’s 2013 Project Grant!!!! Description of grant request: To research and create a new body of work built from vitrigraph cane and… Continue reading Iacta alea est