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Thursday night. Installation update.

Hello. It’s Thursday evening. Tomorrow is the last day actually, morning and afternoon left before set-up begins for toronto’s annual City of Craft. Many stumbling blocks for me such as, new displays not arriving, kiln coming several weeks too late, glass order never being delivered, etc., etc. yet some how I’ve made it through! Going… Continue reading Thursday night. Installation update.

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Last night’s glass powder and frit experimentation. This time I poured the powder onto some Bullseye kiln shelf paper (thin fire). Lowered my fusing temperature 1490 to 1480 with a ten minute hold. Massive devitrification. I’m not sure if the temp was to high for this particular colour? At first the glass appeared to have… Continue reading Installation/experiments

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City of Craft: installation pt. 3

Today started off slow. I left my bike at the studio last night, it’s around 7c out which meant having to succumb to the TTC. Ugh. I knew I should’ve ridden my bike home last night but after a savory dinner at Khao San Road I accepted my friend’s offer of a ride home. Once… Continue reading City of Craft: installation pt. 3

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City of Craft: installation pt. 2

Wow! Total excitement as I unlocked the studio door and ran towards the kiln. Did it turn out? Better than I expected! As I knelt down praising myself and the universe for one experiment turning out I noticed the crack. Then another, and another gradually forming as the air hit it. Or, so I thought.… Continue reading City of Craft: installation pt. 2


City of Craft installation: installation

Experimentation is happening over at nanopod: Hybrid Studio. For the past several weeks, and several weeks to come I am busily creating for the City of Craft. December 10 & 11. Not only will I have a 4′ table, I am also putting together an installation. Normally I wait until the last minute, stress out… Continue reading City of Craft installation: installation