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cyber links & sales

First of all it is the end of November! Apologies for being late with this link on the nano-blog, but here it is!  Please take a moment to don your headphones and give this latest instalment a listen, and a heart! Even a comment on the Soundcloud site- you can add comments within the track… Continue reading cyber links & sales

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Etsy Metal Blog Carnival Monday. 3.12.12

Topic: If you could only read 1 magazine, what would it be and why? Note: The topic of the month is left to your own interpretation. There is no right or wrong way to write your article. This is part of what keeps this monthly theme diverse and interesting! OK. With that said I will… Continue reading Etsy Metal Blog Carnival Monday. 3.12.12

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Reykjavik – Amsterdam – Ghent – Berlin….?

First of all 🙂 From May 11th thru 29th I am away from my studio-traveling throughout the Nederlands! Orders placed within my Etsy shop during this time will not ship until the week of my return! Visit this nano blog to stay updated on where I am, what I’m eating and experiencing! I will be… Continue reading Reykjavik – Amsterdam – Ghent – Berlin….?

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THE {anatomical} Heart of Glass

Hello! As Holiday shopping begins (mine did months back!) I decided to revisit cost(s) of materials, time needed to create pieces, etc., etc. and found that not only can I (should I not procrastinate & focus!) whip these babies out, I can include shiny Sterling silver snake chains with them!! So, I’ve relisted my ‘stylized’ anatomical… Continue reading THE {anatomical} Heart of Glass

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Canada Post ordered back to work!

Well, it was bound to happen. I returned from San Francisco/Seattle hoping to fulfill all the orders that came in when I was away only to have Canada Post go on strike! Now I am wading through emails, convo’s, etc., hoping customers will remain patient as their items find their way to their new homes.… Continue reading Canada Post ordered back to work!


Art, fear & video tapes.

I wish that I could stay on top of blogging but other things get in the way. Workshops, classes, Facebook!!, experimentation, filling orders etc., etc. Something I’ve been wanting to super desperately share is happening soon!! So, I think it is safe to now mention it..? Back in January I received a message from Pascal… Continue reading Art, fear & video tapes.


Etsy’s Glitterrati!

Glittery shiny weird things! YES, nanopod was featured on the Etsy Blog, “Keep It Weird: All That Glitters What would New Year’s Eve be without its sequins? Even zombie theremin ponies want to shine.” Some amazingly glittery weird picks- check them out especially the Barbie sequin top and the My Little (dead) Pony Theremin! Cheers… Continue reading Etsy’s Glitterrati!

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One Rootin’ Tootin’ Cowgirl!

Who me? No. While I love crazy wild and what some might call –ugly– cowboy boots.. and wear bloomers from time to time.. and plan on finally purchasing a pair of spurs with jingle bobs (to wear on my Biker boots). Oh, and horses, I like horses. And I suppose I should mention that I… Continue reading One Rootin’ Tootin’ Cowgirl!