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Bullseye murrine

Last night I made my first successful vitrigraph murrine pull! Thanks to my beautiful assistant ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was able to pull fifty cane all with various coloured concentric circles. AND there’s still more glass in the pot ready to be pulled!! Over the next weeks I intend to go nuts experimenting with different colour combos,… Continue reading Bullseye murrine

creation & developement 2014-15 · Inspiration/Musings · Project Grant 2013 · Unclassified

Murrine. At. Last.

Super excited to say- the kiln arrived!! Today I set it up and fired ‘er up! Woo! Murrine was pulled! Happy to say the vermiculite board didn’t crack this time. ๐Ÿ™‚ The stack worked and I pulled various bullseyes. I will share pics of those as soon as they’re cut! For the pot fill/stack, I… Continue reading Murrine. At. Last.

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Project Grant: update #1, June 7

It’s Friday. I’m still coming down from all the work, and energy involved in creating BEAST though, I managed to get into the studio a couple times within the past 2 weeks. This ‘crash’ was unexpected. Full disclosure: I’ve been dosing on B12 & B6. Until I ran out, all was well. The visit with… Continue reading Project Grant: update #1, June 7

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Iacta alea est

Several months back I applied for a project grant through the Glass Art Association of Canada. On this rainy afternoon of May 10th, I received incredibly wonderful news: I am the recipient of GAAC’s 2013 Project Grant!!!! Description of grant request: To research and create a new body of work built from vitrigraph cane and… Continue reading Iacta alea est

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Maison de Verre – update 16/4/13

Holy rollercoaster rides, Batman! The past couple of weeks have been NUTS!! So, GAAC’s 2013 conference was canceled.ย  At first it looked like utter fail-tragedy. My flights to Calgary, not refundable plus suddenly having to pay back a grant. It felt bleak. Out $900+ I cannot afford. Debts piling higher….. Regardless, I have to complete… Continue reading Maison de Verre – update 16/4/13

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Phew! These past months have been mad crazy trying to complete all of the costumes, hold workshops and classes, pay rent and bills… Fortunately I’ve had supplies like glass, beads, leather, fabric, and yarn kicking around the studio for YEaRS! Honestly though, to whomever is out there actually reading this, the primary concern now is:… Continue reading Motherload