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Juno & Human accomplishment

The biggest space event of the year is happening later today, NASA’s un-crewed Juno spacecraft will end its nearly five-year journey through space and embark on a mission to study the planet Jupiter like never before.  While waiting for the auspicious time to arrive, grab your headphones and listen (on repeat) to this deeply moving… Continue reading Juno & Human accomplishment

Inspiration/Musings · Unclassified

Fashion! Turn to the left. Fashion! Right…

As some of you may be aware I’ve hacked off my dreads! Yep, 13 years of growth… antennae stretching below my arse, it was time. Anyways, now my hair is dark purple and magenta! Thanks to Krista over at Knot Just Dreads… Meanwhile, speaking of hair… I was clicking here and there and came upon… Continue reading Fashion! Turn to the left. Fashion! Right…

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metal + glass

Out of my private studio in Toronto, Ontario I hold 8 week courses in ‘metal + glass’. These courses cover a wide range of techniques/process used in Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, and Flameworking. I generally cover a different process every evening of the course. From fabrication through piercing and sawing copper sheet, Sterling silver ring band sizing,… Continue reading metal + glass