otherworldly time travel, part 2

* In 2011 after the Fukushima disaster, I thought the world might lose Japan. So, I signed up for workshops that taught how to spin paper thread/Shifu and repeated the course several times but, never implemented what I learned into anything tangible. I’ve been meaning to work with the paper thread, combining it with horse… Continue reading otherworldly time travel, part 2


“If human beings disappeared, how peaceful it would be.”

My new hero, Shin Kubota. This morning I read Nathaniel Rich’s article, ‘Can a jellyfish unlock the secret of immortality’, and I have to thank him for introducing me to, The Immortal Jellyfish Man aka Shin Kubota. Here Shin sings us a song of Jellyfish love 🙂 “Human beings must learn to love nature,” Shin… Continue reading “If human beings disappeared, how peaceful it would be.”

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November Talk-About

Handmade Division Talk ABout! This month’s question is: Talk about one/some teachers/mentors/masters you’d like to study with? Who, do I really want to study with? Hmmmm. Kind of a tricky question for me as I’ve studied with most of them already! Metal-gods: Harold O’Connor (Master Goldsmith), and Phil Poirier. Glass Warriors: Janis Miltenberger (Glass Goddess),… Continue reading November Talk-About