Blog Carnival Monday: Why do you make jewelry?

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play, instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves. – C.G. Jung Like so many crafts people making jewelry (say) I started putting together wearable pieces at an early age. Of course I did! I… Continue reading Blog Carnival Monday: Why do you make jewelry?

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Amphibia: Anura Nest

Some recent pieces incorporate various prong and tab settings. Showing students alternative methods for setting stones in their own home studios without the use of a torch. The above techniques are demo’d during my 8 week, Metal + Glass course. Courses start September 12th & 13th 2011 http://www.nanopod.tv/nano_classes.html


nanopod: Handmade Video Portrait

Handmade Portraits: Nanopod from Etsy on Vimeo. Download the music here! Andrei Gravelle Check out the film maker, Pascal Perich. Torontonians, can you guess all of the locations this video was shot in and around? (hint: there are 5) Give it a go & win a glass heart pendant! 5 winners, 5 hearts. Post your… Continue reading nanopod: Handmade Video Portrait

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One Rootin’ Tootin’ Cowgirl!

Who me? No. While I love crazy wild and what some might call –ugly– cowboy boots.. and wear bloomers from time to time.. and plan on finally purchasing a pair of spurs with jingle bobs (to wear on my Biker boots). Oh, and horses, I like horses. And I suppose I should mention that I… Continue reading One Rootin’ Tootin’ Cowgirl!

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July’s Talk about blog, “Who are the artists you’d love to collaborate with? on making what?” There are several that come to mind. Various mediums, various meanings. #1 Werner Herzog Simply because he is brilliant. I would love the opportunity to meet him and get to know him. I would run away with Werner… if… Continue reading Collaboration