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Prepping towards Iceland

I am currently finishing up Metal + Glass classes, deciding (still!) what to bring/ship to Brooklyn towards further experiments and shipping remaining items over to Iceland in March (when I return from Brooklyn). The other day I stumbled upon even more folders of images from the 2012 trip to Iceland and have started to sift… Continue reading Prepping towards Iceland


Saturday brunch: glass pancakes pt 1

Back from my U.S. Tour 😜 visiting good friends, eating amazing food and drinking tremendous wines and fancy drinks! Inspired conversations, observations- visiting the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco (it’s been well over 25 years!). Neil deGrasse Tyson‘s film on Dark Matter blew me away! DARK MATTER!!! The Skulls exhibit was impressive, and of… Continue reading Saturday brunch: glass pancakes pt 1

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paradigm shifting

listening to MGMT’s, “Oracular Spectacular” having just finished the week with a head cold. eating, for the most part Raw. thought i’d put down in words and pix what’s been going on with me lately. 2011 is feeling like a pivotal year to me. I’ve been attempting to follow my instincts more; starting, primarily with… Continue reading paradigm shifting

Inspiration/Musings · Summer of Glass


The plankton – kelp forest begins. Working with borosilicate the radiolaria that inhabit the forest will slowly evolve and form over the next week. I’ve been playing Spore Origins lately (iPhone) and have actually gathered a lot of inspiration for this forest there. Mainly from the Primordial ooze, volcanic crevice, and sandy shore levels. My… Continue reading Radiolaria