Dusk by the frog pond

Lately I’ve been listening to Marc Anderson’s,  Wild Ambience after stumbling upon the amazing World Sound Map! Traveling without moving. The lush, mystical field recordings take me to distant lands. Lately I’ve been hanging in Indonesia, Borneo, Fiji… I find the bird and insect sounds otherworldly and a HUGE inspiration towards my current work! World Sound… Continue reading Dusk by the frog pond

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Blog-o-sphere Think Tank July Topic: Animals, Human & otherwise.

This month Blog-o-sphere Think Tank asks about our interactions with animals. Suggestions were: “The importance of animals in my life.” “Why I love animals.” “The benefits of sharing my life with animals.” Humans like to remove themselves from the ‘animal’ kingdom. (I agree with Greta Christina’s thoughts on this & please, check out her article… Continue reading Blog-o-sphere Think Tank July Topic: Animals, Human & otherwise.