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November Talk-About

Handmade Division Talk ABout! This month’s question is: Talk about one/some teachers/mentors/masters you’d like to study with? Who, do I really want to study with? Hmmmm. Kind of a tricky question for me as I’ve studied with most of them already! Metal-gods: Harold O’Connor (Master Goldsmith), and Phil Poirier. Glass Warriors: Janis Miltenberger (Glass Goddess),… Continue reading November Talk-About

Summer of Glass · Unclassified

Penland: The school of crafts!

I really should spell craft, Kraft. The K is used in the German spelling and means power. Kraft = Power. And indeed it does at Penland. I had fully intended to share my experience as a day by day blog but was fully and completely taken over by the Penland experience as a work-study scholarship… Continue reading Penland: The school of crafts!


Toronto-Manhattan (Brooklyn) -Asheville-Manhattan-Corning-Manhattan-Toronto

I intend to keep a daily diary-journal of my (mis)adventures abroad this summer. 😉 I think the Penland-Corning weeks will be interesting.. I received a work-study scholarship from Penland and a full scholarship from Corning (Museum of Glass). Penland- I am arriving earlier then other people (well, me and about twenty others) to work in… Continue reading Toronto-Manhattan (Brooklyn) -Asheville-Manhattan-Corning-Manhattan-Toronto