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Approximately 20 days left. Already this brings a heaviness to my heart. My time away brings the awareness forward…  While in the end I was in love with Taos, New Mexico I was happy to move on, break up. Iceland feels profound, like coming home. Like my first time visiting Taos. And while I enjoy Reykjavik,… Continue reading Gullkistan

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Hvaðan ert þú ?

The excitement grows daily. Asking myself, Hva∂an ert þú? (Where are you from?) I suppose I am still searching… Maybe I would actually ask: Hva∂an ég þú? or þar er ég frá? 8 days remaining for the Iceland or Bust kickstarter campaign. Backers have been considerably generous, to say the least. Every penny is almost accounted for! Once the… Continue reading Hvaðan ert þú ?

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Daring Do

Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail?: There are two moments that immediately spring to mind. 1. I was living up in the mountains of Vadito, New Mexico (approx. 9000′ above sea level). Just driving into Taos for groceries and… Continue reading Daring Do

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Handmade Division’s January, Talk About

This months topic: “In another life, I was “….” and I made “….” for a living”. In another life I lived in Dallas, Texas. I was married to a multi-millionaire Philosopher’s son. We opened franchises around the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Hung out in the French Quarter, ate alligator, oysters on the half shell (not all… Continue reading Handmade Division’s January, Talk About