otherworldly time travel, part 2

* In 2011 after the Fukushima disaster, I thought the world might lose Japan. So, I signed up for workshops that taught how to spin paper thread/Shifu and repeated the course several times but, never implemented what I learned into anything tangible. I’ve been meaning to work with the paper thread, combining it with horse… Continue reading otherworldly time travel, part 2

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Blog-o-sphere-Think-Tank’s July topic: Favourite time of day…

This month’s topic concerns my favourite time of day. I love early mornings when it’s slightly cool out. Walking through the park, forest or by the water and hearing birds sing. Early morning bike rides down Toronto’s Rail Path, full of birds singing in the Sun rise. I really enjoyed early morning rides along the… Continue reading Blog-o-sphere-Think-Tank’s July topic: Favourite time of day…

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nascent seed

Germinating. I wanted to share the following information on the Millennium Seed Bank Project. All human life — all life — depends on plants. Seeds hold the plant’s genetic information, so the biodiversity of our planet, as well as the sustenance of our species and others’, depends entirely on the seeds that survive from generation… Continue reading nascent seed


Art, fear & video tapes.

I wish that I could stay on top of blogging but other things get in the way. Workshops, classes, Facebook!!, experimentation, filling orders etc., etc. Something I’ve been wanting to super desperately share is happening soon!! So, I think it is safe to now mention it..? Back in January I received a message from Pascal… Continue reading Art, fear & video tapes.