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Otherworldly time travel, pt III

First of all, Tanya Tagaq. How is it that I am only now hearing her incredible energy, power, sound? I experienced her during Apocalypsis, which of itself is a once in a lifetime, wholly incredible experience. Tanya performed or was, the Old Woman.  After the Whore of Babylon’s demise and thus, the end times, somewhere… Continue reading Otherworldly time travel, pt III


otherworldly time travel, part 2

* In 2011 after the Fukushima disaster, I thought the world might lose Japan. So, I signed up for workshops that taught how to spin paper thread/Shifu and repeated the course several times but, never implemented what I learned into anything tangible. I’ve been meaning to work with the paper thread, combining it with horse… Continue reading otherworldly time travel, part 2