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Blast from the past!!

Whoa. I came across some old OLD work pix! These babies date back to ’91-’92! I was gradually shifting gears from predominantly ethnic/indigenous inspired work to contemporary… I suppose you could say this is when the Future Relics kicked in! 😉 I had just landed an assistant job with Mona Van Riper in Santa Fe,… Continue reading Blast from the past!!

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Handmade Division’s January, Talk About

This months topic: “In another life, I was “….” and I made “….” for a living”. In another life I lived in Dallas, Texas. I was married to a multi-millionaire Philosopher’s son. We opened franchises around the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Hung out in the French Quarter, ate alligator, oysters on the half shell (not all… Continue reading Handmade Division’s January, Talk About