Imagine if you could see everything.

Rippin’ the Rainbow a New One! Check out Radiolab‘s crazy-amazing podcast on colour, is it inside or outside, our minds/eyes? [audio http://www.radiolab.org/audio/m3u/211178/] Isaac Newton sticks a knife into his eye.. holds up a prism, and believes he was seeing,  A coloured image of the sun. 🙂 As usual the more I research the concept of  ‘Seeing’… Continue reading Imagine if you could see everything.

Inspiration/Musings · Summer of Glass


i’ve been thinking more about eyes lately, and awareness. yesterday i learned about Oyster vision… The Oyster above is a Thorny Oyster (more videos can be found at CoralMorphologic). The rim of its mantle is lined with dozens of eyes that stare out into the sea. The little blue eyes… these are apparently simple eyes,… Continue reading eyes