Who am I?

Hello and thank you for checking out my nano-blog.

I am a multi-disciplinary, metal + glass working, biomimic.

Life of all kinds and how we as Human beings interact with it and respond to it, has always interested me. How life is so ephemeral and transitory makes me want to dig further into the psychology of the universe. Through my own representational language, be it obvious or obscure, I wish to engage the psyche. By employing that which may be real or imagined, I am suggesting a believable structure, yet one not necessarily rational.

My work explores these Terrestrial manifestations through combining tactile, sculptural forms, and audio. Creating immersive environments, unnatural History Dioramas, and performative, wearable structures questioning Human origin and mythos. My ‘jewelry’ serves as maquettes and experiments towards my sculptural work.

If we can say that the world of science is synonymous with truth and the world of art with that of fiction, I want to tread a middle ground that is unusual and seemingly beyond belief, yet also familiar.

My personal website: www,toscateran.com

My studio: www.nanopod.tv

My Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nanotopia