Studio equipment for sale


I am listing some items up for sale as I am no longer using them and rather than have them just sit around sad and collecting dust I am offering them up at great prices!

Torches: I had 3 Mega Minor torches, now I am down to 2. They are up for sale on the eBay where I am asking $160USD which is roughly $200CAD shipping runs around $22 for Expedited via Canada Post and comes with tracking and insurance.

I also have the torch(es) listed on Krrb for TO folks, as well as Craigslist.

Check it out! If you are wanting to get started in Flame-working Nortel’s Mega Minor is a fantastic jumping off point!

Nortel Mega Minor

Nortel Mega Minor

Next up I am selling the following:



AF138 Kiln/Annealer
120 volts, 13″w X 8½”d X 4½”h interior (9″ in height with included extension ring), two 6″w X 2″h Flip Doors.
Kiln is able to reach 1300+F (700+c)
Excellent kiln for fusing, slumping, flame-work annealing, enameling, or PMC work.
New= $860


ASC/3 Controller

ASC/3 Controller

ASC/3 Digital Controller                                           The Model ASC/3 is a relatively easy to use, full feature, digital temperature controller. You can choose from one of several pre-installed programs, or create your own. The display reads in Fahrenheit or Celsius and can control temperatures to 2500 degrees.


If interested (and in Toronto) please contact me via email to set-up a time to come check them out.
I accept payment in Cash, Visa or Mastercard (credit card fees will apply).
If you would like these items shipped (w/in Canada)- I am open to discussing options through UPS. Buyer will pay for shipping/insurance.


OMG I am totally LATE!
Yesterday was a bit hellish and turned my brain to temporary mush, thus why I am late here… speaking of mush this month’s Blog-O-Sphere is about FOOD. Favourite foods, recipes, etc.
Naturally I had grand ideas for this one and they’ve fallen through a bit. Well, here goes!

I am in Brooklyn, NY and people, let me tell YOU there is food a plenty here! Tons of it. Everywhere. Why anyone is starving in the U.S of A is beyond me.

I have feasted on two so far. Planning a trek over to Hu Kitchen while I am here. :)
Another thing- Momofuku. Yes. They have plenty of milk bars here. AND I absolutely HAVE to try (I am not into milk from animals buuut)yeah, yeah there’s a Momofuku in TO. Big deal. Check this-they sell Crack Pie. But really I need to try their Rosemary Salted Caramel soft serve.
Insert image of me enjoying soft serve here. ;)

The other day I hiked it up to Mamaroneck (yep) to the Bullseye Glass Resource Center (why are they not in Brooklyn?!) and met some lovely people who recommended Sal’s pizza! NY Pizza? Are you kidding me??

Sal's 'zza

Sal’s ‘zza

So I headed over to Sal’s and grabbed me a slice of their Sicilian. Yummers, to be sure.

Later I went shopping for groceries. Essentials people, essentials.

BEST almond milk next to home-made, Skyr! Tumeric drinks and chocolate, what else?

BEST almond milk next to home-made, Skyr!, Tumeric drinks  and chocolate, what else?

Noticing a pattern here? I LOVE dark chocolate. And New York is full up with chocolate factories. From small batch, bean to bar to full on mass production. The Mast brothers are another chocolate I NEED to try. They make bars with goat milk and sheep milk…
FOOD. OK well, blogs I follow are: David Lebovitz and BTW so should you. He rocks food, food porn and chocolate! He can help you make amazing soups (one of my all time favs-celeriac soup!) with any of the recipes he offers and you are sure to drool over his images.

So, there ya have it. I meant to share a recipe or two then: yesterday happened.

Thanks for stopping by! Now go check out my colleagues’ take on Food.
Andes Cruz:
Pallavi Gandhi:
Shelagh Blatz
Catherine Witherell:

Iceland AiR support

So, I am in Brooklyn.
I totally forgot about these antlers I purchased back in … December/November? And had shipped to Clare’s. Anyways, here they are! antlers They’re really nice! Old. Two points are missing, but nice just the same. My plan was/is to use them in photo shoots and make moulds off of the antlers, or at least some of the antlers.
antlered Not a bad eBay purchase.
Before leaving Toronto I smoke fired some of my slip cast bones and a Pupa form. This time I smoke-fired using excelsior as a combustable – total oxidation happened.



Tomorrow a package is suppose to arrive (fingers crossed!) that contains the left shoe/chopine, wax positive and the cast right Chopine- I’ve booked time at Urban Glass in order to cast the wax and cold-work the finished Chopines. Tomorrow I am heading up to Mamaroneck, New York to pick up plaster silica then a quick dash to Compleat Sculptor in Manhattan!
Saegy∂ja Chopines

Saegy∂ja Chopines

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.21.10 PM Meanwhile, some friends, colleaues and supporters out there have contacted me concerning my KickStarter Campaign (which is over) interested in wanting to Support my Iceland or Bust endeavor! If you would like to help out financially and would like to receive any of the rewards being offered- I am more than happy to honor your support. The Kickstarter rules/terms would apply – meaning rewards over $10 start shipping Fall 2015. Short link.
Here are the rewards that are still available:

Pledge $10 or more
6 backers
Norns level:
An eternally grateful THANK YOU on my website and blog!
Estimated delivery: Apr 2015

Pledge $25 or more
13 backers Limited (37 left of 50)
Huginn & Muninn level:
A set of 10 postcards featuring a selection of images from my Icelandic adventures taken in 2012 & 2015.
Estimated delivery: Oct 2015
Ships anywhere in the world

Pledge $75 or more
7 backers Limited (43 left of 50)
Rán level:
Along with a signed 12″ x 36″ special panorama taken on location in Iceland, Rán level supporters receive first mix-down copies of an upcoming generative ambient, field recording soundscape.
Estimated delivery: Oct 2015
Ships anywhere in the world

Pledge $150 or more
8 backers Limited (2 left of 10)
Jötnar level:
During my artist residency I will be creating small wearable, sculptural pieces from Icelandic clay, black sand and volcanic rock. Signed, numbered, limited edition works.
Approximately 1.5″w x 4″long .
These pieces will ship with a 20″ sterling silver chain.
Estimated delivery: Oct 2015
Ships anywhere in the world

Pledge $250 or more
2 backers Limited (8 left of 10)
Elf level:
During my artist residency I will be creating wearable, sculptural pieces from Icelandic clay, cast glass, black sand and volcanic rock. These sculptures will be bisque fired then dipped into a special Obvara mixture, adding random and surprise patterns!
Signed, numbered, limited edition works.
Approximately 2.5″w x 6″long.
These pieces will ship with a 20″ sterling silver chain.
Estimated delivery: Oct 2015
Ships anywhere in the world

Pledge $550 or more
1 backer Limited (4 left of 5)
Valkyrie level:
During the artist residency I will be creating sculptural pieces from Icelandic clay, black sand and volcanic rock. The clay portion of these sculptures will be bisque fired then dipped into a special Obvara or Raku mixture, adding random and surprise patterns! This work will then have sculpted wax forms added to them.
These wax forms will be cast in lead crystal to resemble the glacial ice at Jökulsárlón.
Signed and numbered, limited edition works. Approximately 5-6″w x 12-15″L
Estimated delivery: Oct 2015
Ships anywhere in the world

Pledge $1,250 or more
1 backer Limited (2 left of 3)
Goðar level:
Go∂ars receive a one of a kind work of art made exclusively for them. As Go∂ar you have a choice of a sculptural piece or a wearable sculpture. Which ever you choose, rest assured it will be my goal to make sure it is a phenomenal work of art!
Goðars also receive the Huginn & Muninn and Norns level.
Estimated delivery: Nov 2015

Pledge $1,850 or more
0 backers Limited (2 left of 2)
Viking Goddess & God level:
Gods and Goddesses receive both a sculptural piece and a wearable sculpture. One of a kind works of art worthy of your godly status, signed and dated. This level also receives a special soundtrack created to go along with these works of art, along with Jötnar, Huginn & Muninn and Norns level rewards.
Estimated delivery: Nov 2015
Ships anywhere in the world

If you choose to support through 1 of the rewards listed above please, Donate the amount listed (CAD) and add the name of the reward level in a note. btn_donateCC_LG

Thank you for stopping by!

Prepping towards Iceland

Goðafoss: April 2012

Goðafoss: April 2012

I am currently finishing up Metal + Glass classes, deciding (still!) what to bring/ship to Brooklyn towards further experiments and shipping remaining items over to Iceland in March (when I return from Brooklyn).
The other day I stumbled upon even more folders of images from the 2012 trip to Iceland and have started to sift through them. A couple images show me with dreads… which are sadly, long gone. My hair is now past my shoulders and ‘normal’. ;)
For the past two weeks I have been pouring slip (porcelain) over various balloon shapes. I really like the results. The results- HA! I have only managed to successfully form one pupa-like form. The other porcelain forms have split. Either the ceramic dries/shrinks faster than I can pop the internal balloon-armature, or the balloon folds in on itself (inside the ceramic) causing deep folds, which are amazing to look at -briefly- before the clay grows too thick. I am sure an experienced ceramicist knows better, how to work with this material, for now I am experimenting towards simple organic forms that will be replicated or added to, in glass and I am considering threading and stitching these forms with wool. Anyways, here is the first attempt now bisque fired.
Bulb or pupa form

Bulb or pupa form

This Bulb is very thin. fjoll1Something I am looking forward to (clearly I am looking forward to the whole experience!!!) is the midnight sun. While I won’t be there long enough to experience the true midnight sun- by May 15th the sun will be setting at 10:36pm, rising at 4:15 am! Amazingly long days. Which is fantastic!
kelp in kjalarnes

kelp in kjalarnes

Meanwhile, I have purchased a Dragon Weed Burner for the Raku kiln build at Gullkistan! and propane tanks for BBQing can be purchased and exchanged at N1 stations. Thinking I might have to ship over a garbage can lid with fiber cloth AND bricks. The local ceramic supply (in Reykjavik) is unable to help obtain items, at a lower cost then I can find through purchasing here, in Canada and shipping over.
Well, that’s all the procrastinating I can get away with for now! Thanks for stopping by :)

3 days left for Iceland or Bust!


I see Trolls.

Ég vinn með málm og gler

Yes, I do. Can you guess what that means? Without the help of Google translate! ;)

So, there are 3 days left with the Kickstarter campaign. Phew! It has been an interesting experience and I am so grateful and thankful for all of the support!! Last I checked there were 50 Backers! All of this is so very exciting and I can hardly wait to be walking around Iceland again, but this time developing new work while I am there!! :)
I’ve had 4 lessons in Icelandic from Þórdís- who is amazing BTW. My homework over the weekend consists of putting Sticky Notes onto everything at home (wall, door, fridge, window, cup, cats..) as well as at the studio (nanopod!) Lot’s of fun!Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 11.58.04 Oh Hey! If you live in Toronto and are curious and/or like Icelandic culture and are wanting to try some of its cuisine ;) then you really need to check out this year’s Þorrablót! Sagnaspuni og gleðistundir! SAVE THE DATE! Saturday April 11, 2015
There is an ancient Icelandic custom that ensures abundance in all things and that is- ritual sharing of great food and friendship during Þorri. For over thirty years in Toronto the gathering has grown and continues to expand in greater and greater appreciation and enthusiasm for Icelandicness and the power of community.
This year I will be working the event! :D Tickets sold out super fast last year, so get ‘em while they’re hot!
That said, I need more coffee! Thankfully I have proper kaffi making gear at home, however, this MacGyver’ed set-up worked fairly well while traveling around the island. I am SO looking forward to SKYR!! Anyways, happy Caturday and sjáumst!

mmmm Skyr

mmmm Skyr

Hvaðan ert þú ?

The excitement grows daily. Asking myself, Hva∂an ert þú? (Where are you from?) I suppose I am still searching… Maybe I would actually ask: Hva∂an ég þú? or þar er ég frá?

8 days remaining for the Iceland or Bust kickstarter campaign. Backers have been considerably generous, to say the least. Every penny is almost accounted for!

Once the artist residency ends I will be heading out to Jökulsárlón spending a day around the lagoon, Skaftaféll and then back to where the ice meets the sea for sunset (fingers crossed it will be a relatively clear and beautiful day!) conducting field recordings and dropping the Hyrdophone into the lagoon.
A friend wrote me the other day suggesting I have some fun while I am in Iceland- making sure it is not all about work. HA! I can honestly say- this massive work and every second of it WILL BE FUN! Even when obstacles arise. Just being in Iceland. This morning I was thinking, remembering when I was last there, how the land always felt like it was giving me a big warm hug. Really. Maybe that sounds like I am a total hippy, but it is true. I really had a profound sense of returning home. Only other time I’ve felt that way was the first time I visited Taos, New Mexico- and I ended up living in New Mexico for 13 years! :)

Here’s a map of the trip (from Magenta showing my route and stars where I will be visiting. Reykjavik to Vik is about a 90 minute drive then another 90 minutes to Jökulsárlón.  My artist residency is in Laurgarvatn.
Meanwhile, today I am moulding this clay form. It is one of a pair. Once cast and refined a bit, it will then be slightly slumped and turned into a breastplate of sorts. ;)clay-breast
Sjaumst! Takk fyrir!

Working towards Iceland

Woke up early this fine Caturday, made a Bulletproof Coffee for myself and headed into the studio downstairs (not nanopod).


and proceeded to open Live and create some beats and pads. Andrei recently bit the bullet and upgraded our version of Ableton Live AND purchased Push. Push is an extraordinary tool for music creation! Anyways, I’ve been playing with it occasionally- when I have a moment or two…


Last night I made this sketch towards an idea thats been in my head for years…

Obviously, this is only a beginning! Also jazzed that this upgrade came with Max. Limitless possibilities :)

I’ve also been building up work to ship over to Iceland – in hopes of re-visiting/inventing Venus.

Sea-Goddess Chopines, wax

Sea-Goddess Chopines, wax

These Chopines will at last be cast in glass with copper inclusions. Hoping the copper interacts with the clear glass, creating turquoise ‘blooms’.  Oh, and I have been studying Icelandic! :) Sjáumst!

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