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As most of you know I visited Iceland in March-April 2012.

While there my friend and I traveled around the Island on and off the famed- Ring Road. Visiting as many potential Artist Residencies as our little car would take us, we ended up at Ytra Lon. It was super late, and we’d expected to reach the hostel around 9-10pm but now it was just past midnight… when all of everything fell into place. :)

The sky was crystal clear with the Milky Way, the outside temperature had dropped below -7c and white, ghost-like flashes breezed across the sky.  At first I thought I was hallucinating from looking at the road all day, and night. Laura was driving, and a bit concerned (I’m sure) that I had gone off. ;) Long story short this was just the beginning. THIS was the Northern Lights. Once Laura pulled over I leapt out of the vehicle and ran towards the back of the car- asking her to please shut off the lights!

There they were- weaving, and dancing above me like alien space curtains, Aurora Borealis. I laughed, and cried, and pathetically tried to capture the event on my, at-the-time pathetic camera. What struck me was the music! This crazy tinkling, glass-like, scintillating sound that seemed to emanate from the Aurora! OK. So, I’ve shared this with many friends- my experience and thinking I heard music. Most laugh, or just knod their heads. I’ve been planning to travel back, and record these sounds, or at least make an attempt.

Not sure why I waited so long to Google- Aurora Borealis sound but, I just did so today and WHAT?! I first came upon Professor Carolin Crawford’s lecture on radio emission given off by the Aurora. Sound at 1:30

So I started googling like a fiend! And found Stephen McGreevy and his recordings. Videos below. He also has a Dawn Chorus that he’s recorded. This is the Sun, not birds…

Which brings me to Ólafsfjördur, and an upcoming art residency I would LOVE to have the opportunity to attend. Taking place this December through January 2015, two months in the north of Iceland, in the dark. I can’t think of a more perfect time, and place for field recordings, and further development of ‘spaces in-between’ 


Neo Lavender & The Lettuce Slug

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The other day I shared Coral Morphologic’s ‘Natural History Redux
and came back to some previously felt inspiration. The Lettuce Slug. Look at it! Simply gorgeous.

The colour combinations are mad-crazy, and made me search through my glass powder collection at nanopod. Neo-Lavender!
…with Spring Green and Olive Green sifted on top. I experimented with both opaque and transparent Neo-Lavender.

NL is a ‘shifting’ colour glass. Meaning: depending on thickness and light the colour will shift in saturation intensity.

After cleaning the discs they will be gently slumped over small stainless bowls (from IKEA). I use boron nitride spray.


Spring time in Toronto

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It’s a gorgeous, early Spring afternoon here in Toronto. Temperature outside 12c
Glass in the kiln. A mix of neo-lavender and kelp green powders…

Algal bloom

Building upon my ever growing cellular, sea slug, coral-like,  algal bloom, I thought I’d pay my friends over at Morphologic Studio a visit.

Well, it’s inspiration while I wait for the kiln to ramp up ;)

AND I wasn’t disappointed! The Coral crew have put together a bit of a medley of their past work in what they’re calling, Natural History Redux.

Check it out (I’ve included a link to the Vimeo video & their website below) as usual please don your headphones, or turn up the volume for some lovely ambient treats.


…I still imagine myself shrunk down in size, wearing a protective exo-skeleton-anti-gravitional suit and having crazy adventures on the back of Oyster. :)

Considering Escapism

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Escapism is freedom if claimed by a subject- it can not be consumed.


glass powder poured onto protected kiln shelf. The powder is spread out unevenly, and I poke through some areas..

Occam’s Razor install is next week! I’m just a little excited to see some of this older work go up on a wall, a small section of my Algal Bloom.
Similar pieces made up the cell forms of Wonderlandish and they (the work) has branched out from that point. More cell form explorations with glass powders, some moulded while the majority are free form. The images below show the ‘free-form’ glass powder process I experiment with.

The images to the left show the relative stages: Powder, tack fuse – clean piece- sift powder, tack fuse again, repeat. After several stages of fusing I then cold work the pieces (slightly) and ‘slump’ the forms, or leave them flat.

Tack fused piece from powder shown in above image.

Tack fused piece from powder shown in above image

Bullseye 000225-0008-F red pimento sifted onto Bullseye 001417-0008-F Emerald green transparent

Bullseye 000225-0008-F red pimento sifted onto Bullseye 001417-0008-F Emerald green transparent

Finished tack fuse of powders mentioned in above image

Finished tack fuse of powders mentioned in above image

Meanwhile, I’ve been listening to Spezmodia over, and over, and over… here’s an amazing (!!) video created by Zeitguised for the Mouse on Mars promo ‘Cream theme’. Warning: This video has been identified by Epilepsy Action to potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy!  That said, I suggest full screen, volume up.

OCCAM’S RAZOR: Art, Science and Aesthetics

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“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein

“Art is the elimination of the unnecessary.” – Pablo Picasso

OCCAM’S RAZOR: Art, Science and Aesthetics

At Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts
984 Queen st. West. Toronto ON M6J 1H1
April 2 – 20, 2014

At the !dea Gallery at the Ontario Science Centre
770 Don Mills Road, Toronto
May 3 to June 1, 2014

Opening Reception: Thursday April 3, 7-10pm Propeller Centre for Visual arts.

These entwined ideas – which underlie Occam’s Razor – form a thread that links the realms of science and art. Scientists rely on Occam’s Razor, which holds that simpler explanations, all things being equal, are better than more complex ones, to refine their theories and experiments. With reference to Occam’s Razor, the interdisciplinary discourse presented in this exhibition by Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts and the !dea Gallery at the Ontario Science Centre, seeks to narrow the cultural divide between Art and Science.

Participating artists:
Sylvia Adamcik, Rahni Allan, Cecilia Basic, Kelly Bell, Karina Bergmans, Penny Leong Browne, Julia Buntaine, Linda Chen, Morgan Chivers, Nicole Clouston, Stephen Crosby, Kevin Dejewski, Andrew Drown, Gina Duque, Jayanne English and Willy LeMaitre , Andrew Godsalve, David Griffin, Leeann Janiessen, Gillian King, Julia Krolik, Ania Machudera, Harry Mackay, Jason McKay, Zsuzsa Monostory, Laurel Rath, Amy Rea and Chelsea Greenwell, Paul Roorda, Perin Rutonsha, Vjosana Shkurti, Morgan Skinner, Tosca Teran, Diane Tucker, Elaine Whittaker, Ron Wild, Ross Winter

Lecture at Propeller: Sunday April 13, 2:00pm (time TBC)
Title: Cosmos vs Canvas: Using Art to Reveal Science in Astronomy Public Outreach Images
Speaker: Dr. Jayanne English (Associate Professor, University of Manitoba, Dept of Physics and Astronomy)

For more information visit: http://propellerctr.com/upcoming-exhibitions/occams-razor-art-science-and-aesthetics-april-2-20-2014

Occam’s Razor on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1454670058100414/

waving influences

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I’m really enjoying this Vitirgraph murrine!
Downloaded some new sounds (from Bleep!) for the occasion

The murrine I pulled and cut samples from the other day- I believe I already shared a photo but JIC here it is again :)

Pulled murrine. :)

Pulled murrine. :)

Yesterday I tack fused some pieces to 3mm scrap glass, left over from the pulls.Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 12.30.09 PM
More sounds…..

Something really neato when pulling Vitrigraph cane is towards the end of the pot (full of glass) the cane start pulling out with a hollow core. Straws, or tubes. I managed to pull some thick enough to turn into beads or something. :)Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 12.29.21 PM
The OAC grant is enabling me to take funds normally put towards rent (made from classes, sales) towards highly necessary/needed equipment! So, I purchased this saw… ;)Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 12.29.55 PM
Now I can make clean slices through the thicker murrine bundles, and really get this work moving forward!
Admittedly this saw is MASSIVE! It came with a stand, a kiddy pool :giggle: and everything necessary for making an incredible mess- I have it currently set-up (kind of) in the studio basement, which already suffers from water constantly running along the floor from snow melting outside, and a busted pipe from the upstairs tenants sink my landlady has yet to fix! :/ Not too happy about the state of the basement. Last year sewage erupted from a city pipe, the year before grass started growing along with mushrooms in one of the corners… this is why I am currently looking for a new ‘industrial’ studio space. Unless of course this basement gets an overhaul! (which seems unlikely).
MUSIC!!! ;)

Here are the fused pieces.. just tack fused with medium frit melt Just experiments. Now I’m setting up some murrine bundles and will fuse/tack fuse(?) them, slice, grind and slump, then build some various forms.
Stay tuned! Meanwhile, Here’s some more audio adventures for ya’s.
Eternally grateful!

Stack it, melt it, tack it, pull it, hot form it!

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Sung to the tune of Technologic ;)

glass stack!! Mink, warm white, elephant grey, red transparent striker, driftwood grey, white, tekta clear, black

glass stack!! Mink, warm white, elephant grey, red transparent striker, driftwood grey, white, tekta clear, black

pulled cane from above stack!

pulled cane from above stack!

At last- the pulled murrine/cane! I’ve been mulling over ways of stacking these, tack fusing them and then trying a Vitrigraph pull …

Pulled murrine from stack above. :)

Pulled murrine from stack above. :)

Having fun playing with colours! Next up: I am messing with the concept of CMYK/RGB and Pantone colours. Gonna stack in various order/percentages and see what comes out. Cheers!
Thank you to the Glass Art Association for their support and thank you to the Ontario Arts Council for their support! I greatly appreciate this opportunity!


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