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field recording at Jökulsárlón

Andrei and I camped out at the glacial lagoon. On the ocean side. Thankfully, I woke at 4am, just in time to quickly move our vehicle before the tide over took us! This was definitely a water filled day.

I snapped the image above as I recorded the water sounds. Sinking the hydrophone between the floating ice, I sat in this spot watching rainbows appear over the icebergs until the tourists parked above woke-up, around 8:30/9am. At that point the birds were lifting off and soon tour buses would descend upon Jökulsárlón. Our destination today was Dyrhólæy and the hope of Puffins.

On the cliffs at Dyrólhæy

I am already severely missing Iceland. Where ever you go, there you are. I had plenty of time alone, with me, myself and I. Self-speculation, reflection, realizations, confessions… while at Gullkistan I applied towards several future residencies in Iceland for 2016. It is my goal now to work in Iceland, at least once a year until I can live there permanently. While I am well aware that the ‘permanent’ is ephemeral and might not come to pass this life time, at least yearly visitations are a possibility. :)

Meanwhile, the above panos will eventually be offered to my lovely Kickstarter backers/supporters! These babies are MASSIVE. They will be almost 60″ wide/long when printed out. Woo hoo! I have been readying some for prepress samples- trying to decide if I print them out matte, lustre or on metallic (silver) paper OR aluminum which would boost saturation and give the images a 3D quality. Maybe I will try a print out in each option to see.

The soundcloud file above is a crazy rough vocal piece Andrei and I are currently working on. Andrei wanted to share compression examples with me so, we made recordings of the two of us emitting various notes together. Across water. Imagine the glacier off in the distance, huge and quite formidable. Horizontal rain surrounding us, Icelandic winds rushing around our ears, Seventy foot waves crashing down upon us (to our complete and utter surprise!!) soaked, we head west, towards the Alþingi.

To be continued…

window space

May topic:  “Share with us a little window in to your space/life/home.” 

(could be pics of your studio, favourite tools, garden, walk in closet, kitchen. Whatever little corner you want to talk about! )


Hmmm. When I first signed on for this month’s BoSTT I had in mind to write a lengthy piece on ‘my’ corner of Iceland. A glimpse through a window I want, and hope to open wide. However, while that sentiment remains, I am back in Toronto finishing up my post… the window needs cleaning.

My head full of images from my time away (I want to write, ‘my time living in Iceland’ All caps!). My heart full of warm smiles, from this time away and memories of pure, raw beauty and quietude. Sometimes when I am home, in Toronto I imagine that the outside is another place… Once upon a time, just yesterday it seems, I visited a place called Taos. Taos filled my senses. Filled my heart, my head, my eyes, my nose and mouth. Eventually, I would leave Taos to move to a land of plenty. Plenty of material gain, plenty of food, plenty of people, plenty of pollution. Plenty(full) of angry people, some happy, too.. I think.

One day I flew to Iceland. Iceland fills my senses. Fills my heart, my head, my eyes, my nose and my mouth. Like Taos once felt, Iceland feels. Home. N0NlPSeLjPKKkwxLlZxrT493VWJ_OzRxHBY3IoUdJYs


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dream time

11214149_10155487540130117_6342567273639066684_nthe days here are growing long as my time here grows short.  full disclosure: I do not want to return to Toronto. It’s beautiful here. And as most of you know, who ever actually reads this, I love Iceland and think you could pretty much plop me down anywhere on the island and I would be in bliss. The remoteness. The pair of Oystercatchers that creep around early evening, listening for worms. I will miss them. Or the sound of the Snipes over the mossy marshlands. The swans gliding around the lake. The kitties would love it here, too! They could roam and run and play outside, no predators, nothing to fear as long as they are far from the road.  Ok. I’m sure I will have several surreal days when I’m back in TO. And I do look forward to pouring the stream of inspiration out of my head and subconscious,  into metal and glass forms. Cast glass forms. I’ve been experiencing extremely lucid dreams for the past week. The island visited me, in human form. “I can make love to you…” the being said. I just kissed its chiseled cheek bones, forehead, nose, and said, “No, just allow me to love you.” Needless to say, the island was an extraordinarily gorgeous … man? woman? Neither and both and not in a kinky way. Giant in height with a musculature that was nothing like I’ve ever seen. Then, I was at the lake. I could hear Snipes around me, a beautiful high fluted sound of bird song and my hands felt dry. I looked at them and my skin was changing. Ice that grew around the lakes edge was growing up onto me, as my lower arms and hands gradually grew Birch bark, moss covered in places, with lichen. My reflection appeared in the lake, but it was not the me that I am familiar with. The sun woke me, it was just before 4am. I’ve recorded a lot of bird song here. Tons, in fact. I am looking forward to what Andrei conjures up.  Andrei will be here in a week! I am really looking forward to our adventures together.



2015-04-19 12.17.47Approximately 20 days left. Already this brings a heaviness to my heart. My time away brings the awareness forward…  While in the end I was in love with Taos, New Mexico I was happy to move on, break up. Iceland feels profound, like coming home. Like my first time visiting Taos. And while I enjoy Reykjavik, the country is where I long to be.UdvUYVCR8OSxT4ywibLvQjFnEbra5sjI4UUUS1guYSc,Qurmq-3pHIpOgvmWpFmv9n4oEAS0SvpsK7XH-XCXM1Y

That said, yesterday I returned to Gullkistan after a wonderful visit with Sigrún Ólöf Einarsdóttir and her gorgeous house and studio on the beach in Kjalarnes. Sigrún spoiled me with her incredible hospitality and generosity. I met her sister and collaborative partner, Ólla. It was great discussing glass with Sigrún as well as various materials, methods, the art world, her travels to India.


looking out towards Reykjavik



favourite book

THIS is a tricky topic. I have read many books that I could call a favourite. And, I am certain there are many I have yet to read or may never read, that would be considered favourites. One thing is for certain, I love to read.

While some of my friends read a book or two a week!! I read in clumps. Generally once year, I just suddenly find myself reading in mass. An annual book binge. While it felt like book binge time was coming on a month ago, it was merely a false reading. Hahaaaerrrr. ;) Perhaps it has to do (this current non-reading) with my learning a new language and focussing on that? However, I have been kind of skimming Alexandra Horowitz’s, On Looking; a walker’s guide to the art of observation. Cant say yet whether it is a fav, but will keep you posted. :)

That said, I really enjoyed Radix and have been thoroughly surprised this book hasn’t been film optioned. Radix is about transformation. A bit metaphysical.. anti-hero turned hero. Read it in the 80’s, with Vangelis’ Spiral playing on repeat. Revisited it in the mid 90’s and believe I am due a re-read again! IF you are into the Sci Fi genre, please check it out.

Meanwhile, please check out my colleagues and was their favourite read(s) are!


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Trip to Laugarvatn

Vatn means water.

I split taxi faire with two artists also heading to Gullkistan. Turns out Gull means: gold. Kistan means chest. Chest of gold (think pirate treasure) is where I am staying and that is the name of one of the mountains near-by.

Day 2 (Gullkistan): Everyone went to bed early last night. it was nice to be alone in the studio space… though I ended up crashing fairly early as well.

I kept waking up every hour to look outside and up into the sky as there have been aurora alerts but, cloud cover. This morning I woke up thanks to a birdy out my window singing a lovely tune :) sadly I didn’t manage to capture his singing but I looked out and watched these funny birds
kind of creeping about, looking for worms maybe? They are shaped similar to ravens but their undersides are white and they have long, narrow, pointy, super orange beaks. :)
So, I got up and made coffee, and had some AB mjolk with some nuts. AB mjolk isn’t yogurt and isn’t kefir but somewhere in between- it is really nice! Comes plain or flavoured. I have strawberry and mixed fruit. :)
After the coffee was ready I brought it all back into my bedroom, which is off the kitchen and called the “Ommu herbergi room. Ha! I got the grandma room ;) the room use to belong to this Grandma a long time ago, I suppose she ran the farm??  then I ran out to the studio to check on my clay forms- the clay is acting weird. Either it is always this way or perhaps was frozen and thawed too many times?  Or maybe it seems so different because it is heavily grogged? Not certain. It doesn’t release easily from my mould or dry quickly on the balloons. Positive and negatives…. I need to bus it back into Reykjavik to hit up Glit for tongs, bricks and possible slip.
It is raining out this morning, my windows look like rivers… I am unable to upload photos for some reason, hopefully later. I apologize for the non-image related post.
I might hang out in the main house today and crochet diatoms. Off in the distance sits Hekla; the door to hell.


2 words:
Licorice cappuccinos IMG_0903
on my way back to Sím this morning- I ventured out early to send postcards, grab a capp and check out yarn and fish skins (the fish skins are amazing, I will be purchasing some soon).IMG_0900-0
Anyways, I’m heading down the hill and look to my right and – swoon.
Giant snow covered mountains rise up out of the ocean … no pictures, somethings are best left to the imagination, yes?
This morning around 4:30/5 the most beautiful bird song filled my room. It woke me up and I thought maybe I might be in a dream so, I didn’t get up to record the song. Later while walking along Skólavörðustígur I heard it again! Happy to know it wasn’t a dream and the possibility of recording this beautiful bird song. 
Moss grows on everything.  


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