Hvaðan ert þú ?

The excitement grows daily. Asking myself, Hva∂an ert þú? (Where are you from?) I suppose I am still searching… Maybe I would actually ask: Hva∂an ég þú? or þar er ég frá?

8 days remaining for the Iceland or Bust kickstarter campaign. Backers have been considerably generous, to say the least. Every penny is almost accounted for!

Once the artist residency ends I will be heading out to Jökulsárlón spending a day around the lagoon, Skaftaféll and then back to where the ice meets the sea for sunset (fingers crossed it will be a relatively clear and beautiful day!) conducting field recordings and dropping the Hyrdophone into the lagoon.
A friend wrote me the other day suggesting I have some fun while I am in Iceland- making sure it is not all about work. HA! I can honestly say- this massive work and every second of it WILL BE FUN! Even when obstacles arise. Just being in Iceland. This morning I was thinking, remembering when I was last there, how the land always felt like it was giving me a big warm hug. Really. Maybe that sounds like I am a total hippy, but it is true. I really had a profound sense of returning home. Only other time I’ve felt that way was the first time I visited Taos, New Mexico- and I ended up living in New Mexico for 13 years! :)

Here’s a map of the trip (from nat.is) Magenta showing my route and stars where I will be visiting. Reykjavik to Vik is about a 90 minute drive then another 90 minutes to Jökulsárlón.  My artist residency is in Laurgarvatn.
Meanwhile, today I am moulding this clay form. It is one of a pair. Once cast and refined a bit, it will then be slightly slumped and turned into a breastplate of sorts. ;)clay-breast
Sjaumst! Takk fyrir!

Working towards Iceland

Woke up early this fine Caturday, made a Bulletproof Coffee for myself and headed into the studio downstairs (not nanopod).


and proceeded to open Live and create some beats and pads. Andrei recently bit the bullet and upgraded our version of Ableton Live AND purchased Push. Push is an extraordinary tool for music creation! Anyways, I’ve been playing with it occasionally- when I have a moment or two…


Last night I made this sketch towards an idea thats been in my head for years…

Obviously, this is only a beginning! Also jazzed that this upgrade came with Max. Limitless possibilities :)

I’ve also been building up work to ship over to Iceland – in hopes of re-visiting/inventing Venus.

Sea-Goddess Chopines, wax

Sea-Goddess Chopines, wax

These Chopines will at last be cast in glass with copper inclusions. Hoping the copper interacts with the clear glass, creating turquoise ‘blooms’.  Oh, and I have been studying Icelandic! :) Sjáumst!

January’s new moon advice

“A great piece of advice. -What is one thing you would share as “the best advice ever” ? “

Generally this question might seem daunting. There’s seemingly SO much good advice to give, yes? Like, for instance suggesting, rather heavy handedly to people in the Arts, that they absolutely hands-down have to read: Art & Fear: Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking  and perhaps even re-read it from time to time throughout their artistic lives.

Or perhaps you might give the advice to: Travel! Get off your comfortable-zone, lazy- excuse making arse and SEE THE PLANET YOU LIVE ON! After all, we as Human Beings are only ‘here’ for a short while, in the whole scheme of things.

Or, QUIT YOUR FRIGGIN’ SOUL-SUCKING DAY JOB! That’s a good one. People dredge up many excuses why they can’t take the ‘leap’ to Freedom. Constantly building a debt cage for themselves and/or using that as a reason to stay static, stay stagnant.

None of the above is my advice today.

I am here to suggest you go, right now and – Tell the Humans in your life, tell everyone- that you love them! That you care, that you’re there for them.

I have certainly dealt with a shit ton of loss in my life this far and it is easy to forget or take for granted, the people in your life that mean so much. Because maybe you think they’re gonna be there in an hour, in 24 hours, or next week or month… well, in this lovely ephemeral existence THAT is not always the case.
Ultimately, what matters most? Is it the love we gave? Our experiences? We certainly die, and we certainly cannot take any of our heaped up material possessions with us. IF our energy moves on, leaves the body that will rot, or be cremated, then for goodness sake, for just the sake of what that could mean- be kind, be nice and GO CALL YOUR MOM! :) or your Dad, or your brother or sister or your friend, or cousin that maybe you’ve been arguing with or not talking to for what-ever reason. Move forward. Forgive. Don’t carry nasty shit. Today is the new moon! Put massive, extreme positive intentions out there! That’s my advice. Yay!!!


Love you

check out what my colleagues think is Good Advice

Andes Cruz:  https://andescruz.wordpress.com/2015/01/20/goodadvice/

Pallavi Gandhi: http://studioat605.wordpress.com/

Gregory H. Revera - Own work Full Moon photograph taken 10-22-2010 from Madison, Alabama, USA. Photographed with a Celestron 9.25 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Acquired with a Canon EOS Rebel T1i (EOS 500D), 20 images stacked to reduce noise. 200 ISO 1/640 sec.

Gregory H. Revera – Own work
Full Moon photograph taken 10-22-2010 from Madison, Alabama, USA. Photographed with a Celestron 9.25 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Acquired with a Canon EOS Rebel T1i (EOS 500D), 20 images stacked to reduce noise. 200 ISO 1/640 sec.


Experimenting towards Iceland

Bird form made of porcelain, bisque fired then dipped into Obvara mixture. I’ve been making very simple, fetish-like forms out of porcelain and flax paper clay to experiment with different Obvara mixtures.
Current Obvara experiment – started this last night, Jan 11th. 2015/01/img_2609-11.jpg2tbs sugar, 1tbs active yeast, cup of rye and kefir water I started a couple weeks ago. My kefir turned out weird, but I wonder(ed) if the yeast and kefir will effect the clay, and how. This current batch is alive! Bubbling away. Now it will sit for another 2 days, fermenting away. Clay forms are drying at the studio…
I’ve been receiving emails from lovely supporters and allies interested in the rewards I’m offering to Backers.
If you are interested in the upper level rewards being offered; Jötnar, Elf, Valkyrie or higher
These limited edition and one-off pieces will only be available through my Kickstarter campaign. Again, yes the goal has been met and in fact gone a little over, however, the goal amount does not represent the total expenses involved in the art residency.

Field recordings:

Travel to the Bifrost. The 3,000 year old lava fields covered in moss that is over a foot thick.
From dawn to dusk I plan to fill a couple smart cards

Myvatn crater, lake, bubbling mud and Krafla. Day long recordings around the area.

Jokulsarlon. From the glacier to the lagoon. As the sun rises to when it sets, the entire day will be full of hydrophone recordings and various field recordings.

Possible excursion to Greenland or the Faroe Islands.

Kickstarter goal amount will cover:
Carfac certificates of origin (so I am not charged taxes, duty/Customs when my work travels back into Canada).
Shipping via Canada Post, Iceland Post
Garbage can Raku kiln- galvanized steel garbage can, refractory materials (fibre cloth, kiln bricks), nichrome wire, dragon burner, regulator, propane tank

Vehicle rental, gasoline ($8 a liter!)
Tour guide in order to go into the glacier

I’m kind of hoping one of the volcanoes will still be blowing lava when I’m there. That is an experience I would love to have. :) seeing the volcano erupting live, in person.

Iceland or Bust II

OM Thor’s beard!!  The campaign has reached its goal!!!  Shouting out the Immigrant Song as sung by Karen O!!  
Sending immediate thank you’s and hugs to the family members, friends, supporters and allies that took the time to check out my KickStarter campaign, pledge money and/or share the campaign link! Immense gratitude!

Valkyries: Charles Teran!! Charlie!!!!! my cousin! and Melissa Cable!!!
Elves: Kris Bovenizer!!! Brigitte Martin!!
Jötnars aka GIANTS!: Heather Thorkelson!! Jodi Tanenbaum!! Beth Cyr!! Laura Hale!! Lauren Falkenberry!! Clare Stoker!!
Rán aka Sea Goddesses!: Debbie Ritchie!! Aaron Bickle!! Nick (my neighbor!) Isaac kay & Riko O!!
Huginn & Muninn: Sarah Breivis! Caitlyn Davey! Eric Brink! Catherine Winter! Isaac! Mike Betts!
The Norns: Allegra Sleep! Ceeb Wassermann! Laura Bracken!

And the friends that helped support for no reward!

  • Zoe Zimmerman
  • Tony Abeyta
  • Devon Mallory
  • Mona Cormier
  • Nancy Nelson
  • William Taggert
  • Shawne Keevan
  • Marcela Lopez
  • Theresa Kwong
  • Jeff Taylor

Any funds that take the goal over will go towards: more shipping of art supplies to Iceland and back to Toronto, vehicle rental for deep wild field recordings (possibly even within the glacier itself! or maybe inside a volcano!!) Words really can’t express my thanks!

xoxox Takk Fyrir!!!!!

AiR in Gullkistan, Centre for Creativity

This morning’s shout-out goes to the Norns! Ever spinning their rope of Fate.

Thank YOU to the Norns, Allegra Sleep and Ceeb Wassermann! What the Fates have in store for me in Iceland? Only the Fates know! ;)

When thinking of the Fates I thought of Richard Wagner’s


The three Norns are spinning the rope of Fate and discussing the past, the present and the future… here they are (very cool set design!) via the Sofia Opera and Ballet!

Are you a Norn towards my quest in Iceland?

Please visit my KickStarter Campaign and share the link!


AiR in Iceland

The first couple of days into my KickStarter Campaign have been, quite honestly a shocker! I’m overwhelmed with gratitude to the friends, allies, colleagues and individuals that have supported this effort through link sharing and monetary donations! Thank YOU!
2015/01/img_4179.jpg Donations start at $10, but really you can donate/pledge with any amount!

Each reward level is named after or inspired by Norse Mythology.
When you offer the extremely generous pledge of $550 you are a Valkyrie!

Valkyrie level:
During the artist residency I will be creating sculptural pieces from Icelandic clay, black sand and volcanic rock. The clay portion of these sculptures will be bisque fired then dipped into a special Obvara or Raku mixture, adding random and surprise patterns! This work will then have sculpted wax forms added to them.

These wax forms will be cast in lead crystal to resemble the glacial ice at Jökulsárlón.

Signed and numbered, limited edition works. Approximately 5-6″w x 12-15″L

Today I am giving a shout-out to the Valkyries in my life via Brünnhilde!
Thank you, Charles Teran and Melissa Cable!! Massive, Wagnerian hugs!!

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